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Sometimes it feels that everything is organised and structured. Although this is necessary to thrive, it can be boring as well. That’s why we are looking for rough, chaotic and decaying places; because the contrast between order and chaos fascinates us. Our inspiration comes from old, abandoned buildings and the colorful graffiti, decay, oxidating steel, chaos, broken concrete, imperfections, and rotting wood. For us, imperfections make a product unique, original and authentic.

We value: craftsmanship, authenticity and originality in a world full of automatic manufactured mass products made from plastics. Those values are combined through designing and producing unique, sustainable and handcrafted products made from natural materials in combination with recycling and upcycling.

What drives us is our goal to create a sustainable world, a world that’s balanced and clean. We are achieving this by using natural-, recyclable- and waste materials only.

For projects, orders, collaborations or questions please sent an e-mail to info@RUSTEEL.nl



E-mail:                         Info@RUSTEEL.nl

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